Sturmey Archer S2C Duomatic Hub

Has anyone tried these S2C Duomatic hubs?

E.g. non-coast option from Cellfor about $110 (fitted to some heavy as wheels).

Reviews from and singlespeedgoldcoast are mixed.

The search function only revealed some talk of the 3-speed S3X hub a few years ago.

just in case you are after a fixed wheel it’s non-coast(er) BRAKE version. hub can coast (is not fixed) just doesn’t have the coaster/pedal back brake

PS it’s an overdrive so if you want a lower gear than your current SS/fixed ratio you’ll have to get a bigger sprocket or a smaller chainring. the sprockets are actually quite readily available and cheap ($12 for my latest one) but are soft (2~3000 ks IME) and don’t last as well as shimano or WI freewheels which are both actually the same hardness and good for ~6000 k

Yep, the non-coast is referring to not having a coaster brake. It is a freewheel with two gears

I bought one as a free wheel option but haven’t used it too much since I’ve not had brakes fitted on my bike. I did take it on a little spin and liked it alot!

Sturmey Archer = greatest name ever now owned by people making the shittest products ever.

I have the coaster brake version which feels quite heavy in a wheel. It’s fun for going to the shops. I wouldn’t trust it for much more than that - as I’ve read of commuters having the S2C last only a short time. I also wouldn’t trust its strength for hard accelerations or the very steep hill on my commute.
Some reviews:
Uh oh Fixie
Feeling irregular
Positive? - see reviews

Yeah OK, well that’s a bit concerning.

Not sure I’d even want one but the option is tempting at that price point.

SRAM Automatix
I wonder about this one.