Subiaco Riders

Subiaco or anything close-ish around there, wanna go for a ride hit me and my mates up! Got up to 5 - 6 riders if i wanted to, but want to search for more, if interested reply in this thread & we may sort some details out.

I’m in shenton park. Would be keen for rides occasionally

i am in cottesloe would be down for a ride sometime

Hey simon, you fixie rider ?
Call me on 0432775993, once you read this. Very keen.

i’m in Bayswater but would be keen to meet up with you guys from time to time…

im in doubleview and i got about 6 friends i usually ride with.

would be keen for a saturday ride sometime?

Im going to Busselton with a mate, fixie’n up there. Maybe next Saturday we could start subi then hit city or something ?

Text me on 0432775993

Might take a free bump here, this is ‘_hKnn’, username wasnt working after re-image. So decided to change it anyway c; Anyone keen this long weekend ?

I’m next to QEII. What type of ride are you keen for?


Anywhere, chilled.

QEII = Charles Gardiner Hosp.

Might have to wait a week or two. Got hit by a car today, back wheel is le munted. Luckily I caught her as she tried to drive off and got her details. Shame my back wheel was expensive, shes paying for a new one haha

Sorry to hear, yeah man for sure.