Suburbanish, day light [rah]lley cat?

I’m starting to get a bit of an itch for some a-ll-ey catting good times.
I missed out on all the gl0bal gutter fun and it’d be nice to hit the streets recreationally.

I’ve been thinking about a bit of a suburban-ish day time alley cat.
Perhaps on a saturday around lunch time or early afternoon.

Thinking kangaroo point, east bris, norman park, cooparoo, stones corner and that.
Trying to keep things faily flat and interesting.

Theres a nice park and a fish and chip shop that does deep fried marsh bars in norman park so that might be a good place to end up.

What do you guys reckon?

Is day time on the weekend in the suburbs a bit lame?
Thought it might make us a reduced target for ‘discrimiation’.
If we BBQ it up a bit we’ll just be aussies having a good ol time in the park.

We’d be missing out on the thrill of the peak hour mash but we’d probably be able to run higher gears and get some sweet speed up.

Also would someone be keen on running the show if I mapped out the ride and sourced the prizes?

Really I just want to ride. Getting stuck at the finish line seems like a drag.
If you wanna do the rest I’m keen on that too.
I’ve got a few extra skid tyres to donate for prizes.

Keen on feedback, interest or just someone to put on another ride.
I’ve got some images I’ve been squirreling away for spoke cards I’d be willing to pass on.

Someone’s gotta do it. Sounds like a good idea though. I’d be keen.

About time I got out there too…