Suddenly there were more...

Found this yesterday when bored.

Mojo Bike - Custom Built Bikes

$500 bucks for a “custom fixie”.

Same set-up as the american site Urban Outfitters Bike Shop | Build, just with less colours.

Isn’t it amazing that the only customization you need is the colour?

Well, I am most amazed by their “unique aluminium flip flop hubs”.

Wow! Where can i get one of those?

This is my favourite of their “popular builds”

that is way awesome…and only for 500 bone!

A bike with built in hi-vis that is so ugly it also doubles as theft protection.

That has got to be worth the 500 right there.

I really want to see one of these bikes in the wild. I just want to see who would buy/customize and then ride that…

same ppl that would buy and ride a jellybeanbike…?

We have some cool custom parts on the way (sadly nothing quite as revolutionary as our flip flop hubs ;-)) that will be able to be picked up through our webstore.

Some of our customers are more alternative than others.

If you like we can arrange that. Sadly we can’t guarantee the bikes owner won’t be a little different.

Can you please help me read between the lines and tell me what you mean by that?

Just suggusting that who ever came up with the combo that J.K.L.P posted up might be a little eccentric.

Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s one of the cool things about what we do.

With so many combinations possible, we’ll rarely build the same combination up.

I’m very disturbed by this website. There is not one question on the FAQs page!!!11!111!!! FML LOL WTF kthxbai

You’re all hopped up on goofballs.

Looks like one of the terrible Unipacks that were (are?) the scourge of the London streets back in '08…

Fuck that! you could get 5 industrie bikes1!!!1!

So true!

With my tax return I might get the “popular” build from mojo and a few industrie bikes.

Then I’ll hold a bad taste party. Anyone want to come?

only if bad taste is on the TV (must be VHS copy)

has anyone got one yet and can recommend it? Im really interested in getting one.

then you’re foolish

close thread plz kthxbai!