Sugarkane's Uncle? The grey wolf...


So legit. haha

12 pound bike. No FD. No bottle cages.

Anything less then $6K wheels aren’t worth riding - WTF?

Taking the fixed lead with NOREARBR AKES…

God damn I bet he looks cool when he’s wearing his do rag.

With his batman utility belt…

Raaaad. Where can I get one??

Uncle? They’re the same age aren’t they!

Incredible viewing. Thanks for that.

haha i just installed i link cables on the kanye special and its sitting pretty at 12.1lbs or 5.49kgs, with a front mech and 2 water bottle cages

that crazy old fucker an’t related to me…

and drozzy while i am older than you i certainly don’t look it…

I dunno man, he’s better at going down hills, has a stripped carbon saddle…

OTOH, you wouldn’t take the bus 1.6km to avoid climbing a hill and you don’t have awesome DIY gloves/booties.

Speaking of climbing hills, at donna saturday morning our group got passed at high speed by an old bloke on an electric bike where is the challenge in that?

I love him !!!

No way he’s related to Kayne. Anyone that knows Kayne well would know that he’s a man of few words.

That Lone Wolf dude is actually more like me. Just mad and proud of it :slight_smile:


unless your on a mtn bike going up hills is all ways better.
His home made kit sucks,
No drinks and sugar .
Doods a foool.
Rugged bloke should sponsor him.

Is this serious? I love him!

Holy Sheet!!!