Suggested bars for 100km ride?

I’m doing the 100km ride for BV Around the Bay in a Day, and I’m thinking about swapping out the track drops for something more comfortable…

I’m leaning towards finding some road drops, but I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile: Maybe the sushi bars from Shifterbikes?

What i’ve done in the past is simply get some old brake levers and attach them to the Track Drops.

Makes life much more comfortable on longer rides. If you are running a brake you can then also connect the cable to one of them.

flat bar with bar-ends, maybe?

having been on sushi bars for a bit now I think they’re better around town great for sitting up and cruising or great leverage for stop/start in traffic and on hills, that could just be just me.You have only 2 real positions, on the angle or close in on the rise.

for a long road ride you need a fast sustainable position, hand choices for resting and a climbing grip. Road drops with levers for riding the hoods and climbing or bullhorns(flat bar and barends is similar but wider)

What crashdummy said. Although I’ll add that sushi bars have 3 hand positions if you use them in the “drop” position.

  1. Usual wide hand position

  2. Close to the stem

  3. At the bend between the stem and the end of the bar.

Position #3 doesn’t work if the bar is setup with “rise”.


Drops with hoods is where it is at for long rides.

^^ werd. take the advice of millions before you. Nitto dream or another Randonneur style bar is very comfortable. Less drop so you can sit in the drops comfortably - also they come further back.

  • Joel

road drops do make a world of difference… what everyone else said PLUS you should consider being un-tough and wrapping a second layer of bartape on… if you havent done that type of distance before, and youre riding a track geometry and fork, you might appreciate the padding. my hands are getting pinch-nerve and numb-finger every ride since i swapped to cotton on steel… phat corky tape came about for a reason.
also (and i duck my head on this one) consider aero bars… yeah theyre dangerous when youre in a pack, but just hang on the front and hammer… you wont be able to stop yourself, guarenteed. i can lend you a pair.

Aerobars for 100km

naaaaahhhh. Drops drops drops.

nuff said.

I’ve got some ITM Kero bars. The tops bend back towards you at the corners and the ends of the drops flare out, which I find makes more natural positions for your hands. The picture doesn’t show the bends much at all. This pic shows it a little bit more.

Ritchey make (or at least did make) a similar called Biomax.

Otherwise, there are some cyclocross bars around which look comfy to me. I like the look of the Salsa Bell Lap.

Nitto Noodles are super comfy for drop bars - slightly flatter on the tops than most, moderate drop of about 145mm and the tops are slightly swept back like the Ritchey Biomax. Dan at Shifter fixed me up with a set for my commuter hack for about $50 (from memory).

I dont believe you are all insane enough to have not considered the obvious.

Aero extensions on SushiBars.

I’m sold on the road drops… now to find some by tomorrow arvo. Off to the Wanted thread!