Sugino 75 BB Bearings

Anyone know where I can source new bearings for a Sugino 75 BB?

Turns out I should of serviced this thing after riding it through the rain…

1/4". Any bike shop

Most bike shops.

Thanks. Bikebug should have them?

Also, have you guys had experience repacking one of these BB’s? I was checking for pitting and the cone is ever so slightly rough when running a ball point pen over it. Still good to use?

Buy a sealed Shimano cartridge bottom bracket and throw the failed unsealed bottom bracket as far as you can, riding through every puddle for years and years.


the shimano you want to give 42mm track/tarck chain line is 107mm. This is my preferred solution. UN55 is ~$15 on wiggle

if you are squeamish about running ISO cranks on a JIS spindle (no reason to be, works fine in my experiance) or want an adjustable chain line or want a MUSA brand name engraved somewhere it will never be seen (baring mad BB cutouts) get a 109mm ISO phil bb

Or just rebuild with racing oil and ride only on the track…