Sugino Aero Mighty

Hi guys,

I have a Sugion Aero MIghty Crankset and a Shimano Sealed BB. Trying to remove the cranks but I am having a bit of trouble with the crank extractor I have (from a cheap shimano toolkit).

When threading the crank arms I get alot of resistance - some metal shavings upon exit.

Do I require a specific crank extractor for the Suginos?

Thanks guys. Looking fwd to replies.


Sounds scary :expressionless: Does the puller have a little magnetic thing on the end about the size of a 5c piece? if it does take it off and give it another go… if your threads aren’t F*CK&D.

Bender - you are the man! Thanks dude - forgot to take off the magneto! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated on a Friday night.

I ruined a pair of Campagnolo cranks this way.

Lesson learned.

Almost stripped some cranks myself the other day.

Was twisting away thinking ‘mmm bit tight’.

Threw the stupid bit in the bottom of the tool box so it is no where near my extractor anymore.

Other then stripping thread, what the hell is it for anyway?

Octalink and ISIS bb’s

It’s a rare rider who hasn’t done the same thing to a set of cranks. Usually once and once only.

All good Lbs’ should have a rethreading tool but you will have to take them back to get them off again later.