Suicide is the new hipster

I though I would herald my triumphant return to the forum with a tail of hilarity and woe. I was riding past Anstey station last night on my way to buy some snacks, and passed a brightly painted road bike locked up beside the path. As I’m a bit of a bike nerd, i thought I’d have a look(it was brightly painted and all, moth to the flame etc…). Upon closer inspection, I discovered that old mate has taken things to the new level. Gears, and NO BRAKES.

Some people deserve to get hurt. Badly.

Stay tuned for pictures.

fixed gears :-o

Nice to have you back erle! :slight_smile:
We’ve missed your critical eye…

Gears plus no brakes is a curious development indeed.
And yes, pictures to lol at would be great.

maybe his commute is always uphill? :roll:

Both ways, in the snow.

Rant warning!

Its one of those fucking annoying kids that ride bmx with no brakes and don’t even do bar spins, they just sit by the park and watch, drop in occasionally and that’s it. even if they could do a bar spin they could only do one. why don’t you run a longer cable like we did, (i think i used to get 3 spins out of running a long cable and never in the air, I was never that good).

I know it doesent look as nice but all you little fucks seeem to ride on the foot path because you are scared of the cars because you have no brakes.

last year i saw one of you idiots run into an old lady waiting for a bus. She was standing still mining her own business and then this fat little shit that had eaten way too much kfc and spent to much time sitting by the top of the bowl rather than riding could not stop and ran straight in to her. ARRRR

And I know your mum buys you a pair of brand new etnies or what ever you are wearing when ever you need them, which is ever week by the way you brake.

Any way I got a little side tracked. I think it could have been one of those annoying bmx kids who has grown up.

I feel so much better that I got that off my chest. :smiley:

Rant over

i remember watching a vid of some dj dude that rides a single speed with no brakes in san fran. was bombing massive hills with his foot on the back wheel. crazy cat!!

fucking fool is what he was. “look at me i’m so fucking HC and weird!”

Ted Shred.

Soon to be Dead Ted.

It’s the zen.

Also saw a geared roadie with only a front brake (bmx lever) in the city today.

Maybe it was just some bum whose brakes had stopped working (etc) and he took them off.

What shifters?

Pics or it didnt…

:? :frowning:

I thought this was gonna be a thread about suicide shifters !!! :expressionless:

she has no tattoos?

I’ve seen that vid. With the amount of Vans that he must go through he could probably afford to buy a set of brakes in a month.

come down to city park on a wednesday and friday night to witness kids with no idea riding brakeless. you will also be witness to the guy known as ‘tackle box’

from what i the guy doesnt pay for vans… he skated for them back in the day and is still in contact with the right people there.

^ That’s a high quality lock right there. This is almost to good to be true, I’m thinking that it would be a pretty good prank to poorly lock up a bike with no brakes and a freewheel… wait and see what happens? A bit like the $5 note glued to the footpath outside the one-way glass window at the pub.

would teach bike thieves a quick lesson

You have a pretty evil imagination don’t you… :evil: