Sum Aussie bikes

First up, a Michalo track with badly wrapped bars and ‘custom’ paint job. Not too bad a deal if you get it for the starting bid.

Vintage Fixed Gear Single Speed Michalo Pista Track Bike | eBay

Secondly, a Speedwell track which seems like an okay deal for the starting price. Paint is nice albeit worn, it even has someones name printed on the tt. Cool, right?

Speedwell Track Bike | eBay

And a Europa sports/roadie with 0 bids and 6 hrs left. Nothing flashy and would need some work, but years ago a friend of mine bought one of these off spirito and it was pretty nice.

OLD School Retro Europa Racer Track Fixie Bike Classic Collectable | eBay

If that Michalo was bigger an a road bike you could all suck my dick.

I had a Europa and it was awesome! At least until some ass clown ran me over on it.

Ofmega plastic* derailleur (and rest of group looks like) on the Europa

Ofmega derailleurs

*apparently this is not such a bad thing in this case

That’s quite the offer there, Erle.

Dead serious.

That fuckin Michalo. Would fucking ride!

Would like that Speedwell. Don’t really want to pay $90 for postage.

fixed gear
aesthetic chaos

yeah, nice one broooo

ftfy (assuming you were referring to the michalo)

that pink michalo is the perfect definition of aesthetic chaos. i’m into it.

Michalo is lovely… pantos especially. As much as I can appreciate the art for what it is but I’d be at it with a rag of solvents pretty quickly.
Good buying.

Speedwell is a time warp machine. Suntour hubs, maybe sprints with MA2’s. Has nice lug work and detailing too. Would change tyres, fit lock ring and ride.

just bought that michalo - Peace fixed gear Aesthetic chaos here i come

Nice. I saw the price dropped on the second listing too

yeah ended up getting it for 350 cash, also gave me some vintage galli levers which will be nice for another project. Can’t wait to pick it up on the weekend.
Appreciate the decals but think ill be getting rid of them + new bar tape + might change the saddle.

thought they were drawn on with a sharpie?


Acetone last resort!!! It could strip the paint too. Try Goof off then metho first.

yeah drawn on with texta i believe. hope there isn’t a clear coat on top. what’s going to be the best way to trash them without damaging the paint? Thought acetone might’ve been a bit harsh?