Summer commuting

Ok… starting to warm up. When I lived in Taiwan I wore my wool short sleeve everywhere but for some reason I just cant do it here in Brisbane, too darn hot.

So, any other suggestions for summer shirts for commuters? Something Oz made would be nice… Solo (NZ) is sweet looking… others?

ground effects are pretty good. I haven’t tried their jerseys but their stuff that i’ve bought has been great. they do marino stuff.

i’ve found that a thin cotton scull cap is actually really effective (better than thicker cycling caps). my theory is that it evenly distributes the sweat over your head and provides a more efficient surface with which better to transfer moisture to the air blowing over your head.

A loose fitting, light coloured long sleeve jersey with a 3/4 zip should also be pretty effective

Brisbane commuting…wifebeater blue bonds singlet

Just don’t get any of those shorts with the mesh panel at the top of your crack. If you do, I’ll … I’ll … I’ll … call you a triathlete.