Summer of Fixty-9

It a charity event inspired by alley cats like Crankenmas and a few others. I’m getting in contact with a charity to see what they want for their end of year food drive and you’ll have to go all over surfers looking for it. BBQ and drinks in a park afterwards but you’ll have to find that as part of the race. :wink:

going to nz that week but should be back for sat night

i do a check point if you want the help.

Sounds good dude, i’ll probably need a couple of check points but the majority will be manned by anasuming members of the public :smiley:

Epic should be good , all the gc guys will be keen for this.

anyone got a kick off time yet? need to get the night off from work asap. fuckers do 4 rosters in advance

Start time down the Goldy will be 5:30, leaves plenty of time after for getting back to the train and having a BBQ/ drinks. I’m doing the flyer up now.

Flyer up!

Can’t believe I’m going to miss this two years running! :cry:

Same here, can’t make it :frowning:

Another 21st eh?

that sat night is the last night of NSW schoolies its gonna be mayhem ,
is there a fixie frame out there with 50cal mounts?


You just gave me an idea for a check point :smiley: :roll:


I should be able to help too if need be. It will get me out of the house.

I will have to record the Bill though.

Oh yeah, APT starts that weekend. Will be gorging on that visual art feast.

  • John

Just over a week away now :mrgreen: Got the course mapped out and most of the checkpoints accounted for.


I is very excite.

Might have to get the pursuit out for the nice flat gold coast roads :evil:

I is also very excite

i think i am gonna borrow a car and drive down - so i can drive back to brisbane to see jarvis