Sunday 3 May

Alright, after the shit weather and a few people bailing including myself, I propose a ride this Sunday the 5th or May.
Meet @ 10.30 at the goon bag in Garema Place, we will ride the proposed route for Anzac Day. Below is the link to the rough route.

At the moment, the weather looks good, 17 degrees and Sunny.

Show of hands?

Not me, rid’n in Sydney.

I’ll probably be involved; my ankle is getting better, albeit annoyingly slowly.

yeah I have a new set of wheels to shake down, I’m in! :slight_smile:

Sweet! We will smash them with champagne before we ride.

So 3 riders so far? Anyone lurking that is coming along?

I’m pretty keen to ride, but think the girl has other plans, I’ll have to get back to you regarding the ride


Hey guys, sorry but I have to bail on this ride. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation in the Spotted thread…

Yeah, just saw that… So your brand new wheel is fucked? Hope you have a speedy recovery!

I am still keen on the ride though and will be there at 10.30 in Garema place.

I crashed my bike last night… I’ve got cuts and bruises all over my body, I landed on the same shoulder I hurt badly a few weeks ago, there’s a big lump on my right knee, and I’m lucky I didn’t crush my right eye socket…

Oh, and I also taco’d my front wheel :frowning: so no riding tomorrow for me. I’ll try to come along to the goonbag on time to at least say hello.

fucking seagulls. last time I ever try to avoid hitting them.

Holy shit… everyone is dropping like flies. What the hell happened for you to taco your wheel and nearly crush your right eye socket.

Well I am happy to report I had a good ride this morning, beautiful weather for it.
I will roll out tomorrow still, hopefully there are a few lurkers who will show. If not, I will ride by myself :slight_smile:

I was trying to avoid a flock of seagulls on the road… bastards didn’t get out of the way so I veered, went over.

As someone who helped me get up after I crashed, why the hell are there seagulls in Canberra?

you wanna chup bro

Awesome day for a ride… no one showed so it was lonely :frowning:

While I was waiting a dude rolled past on a specialized fixie, saw some SS’rs at cafe essen too.

Damn, it was a nice day, sucks that ive spent it all inside at work!
I got a bit of a ride in yesterday arvo/night which was good though…
Hopefully the next meet is on a saturday! :wink:

Sorry EzyLee, I was nursing a bad one all day today. Free drinks all night are not a good thing! I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but next time!