Sunday cruise - Brisbane 7.30am 29/10

Swanky and I are meeting for a bit of a cruise in Brisbane this Sunday.
All interested meet at the city end of the Goodwill Bridge for a cruisey ride and some coffee somewhere.
All interested put your hand up.


… add in Ebony & Ivory.

how far you guys going, and what time you expecting to finish?

Would have loved to but big night coming up Sat for my wife Em’s 30th. I’ll be nursing a hangover and two loud kids

I don’t really care where, how far, etc. I will have to be home 11:00-11:30. Don’t know about TR.

No real idea.
It will be the first time I have ridden in the city so really dont know what to do or where to go.
It was more just wanting to get together with some other like minded idiots, have a bit of a cruise and drink some coffee.
I would like to be home by about 11 myself.

Sounds just like the Melbourne Saturday ride :slight_smile:

Sounds just like the Melbourne Saturday ride :)[/quote]

Sounds like I am fitting into this fixie thing perfectly then?!?!?! :smiley:

I was figuring on doing a lap of the city/valley/newfarm then go up to Toowong or something for a coffee.

What say you TR?

What is the start time?

Why is this not in the organise a ride section? Hence couldn’t find it…

Do what I do and click “view posts since last visit” when you log on…

or use this bookmark…
instead of coming in through the front page…


There’s a front page?

That link above is what I use, and I check the front page once a month or so.

7:00am as stated up top of the thread.

And we didn’t want Qantas flying Dunlop Volley wearing freaks riding with us :lol:

I’m on a SS and TR is on his Fixed. So what’s everyone else riding?

:?: 7:30 at the top of the thread :?:

:?: irrefutable = “impossible to prove wrong” (Cambridge dictionary) :?:

fixed & fixed

Yes, that’s correct, 7:30am as at the top of the thread

What’s your point?

Perhaps coffee at Peloton Cafe in Milton before staring lovingly at some Bianchi and De Rosa???

Sure thing. Will we work out a route on the day then?

…working Sat morn :roll:

So you should be free on Sunday to come riding with us!