Sunday drivers...

[Edit: Upload folder is full, can’t attach the photo. Will upload elsewhere later, it’s a cracker]

Was riding the Geelong Touring Club’s 29th Otway Classic on Sunday, had just left the first control (Bambra?) with my brevet card stamped, an apricot bar in my pocket and glad to finally be out of the headwind when a ute went screaming past us.

Fast forward a minute and the downhill run was interrupted as were waved down by other riders. As we rounded the corner I saw the ute upside down in the wrong lane. The driver (blue jeans & hoody) kicked the window and crawled out, “I’m ok, but these bloody cyclists were causing havoc”.

Appears as if he was overtaking (illegally), speeding, and then came across 3 motorbikes heading in the other direction. Panic braking then caused the jacked up, front heavy 4WD to flip?

We waited a couple of minutes before continuing on, the bikers & cyclists involved had the incident in hand.

I still can’t believe no one was hurt (must be some soiled knicks/leathers though!).

The rest of the day was great, considerate drivers, great weather, awesome route & good organisation.

This thread was worthless without pics…

Still not 100% sure how the ute managed a 180 degree front flip


This thread needs more replies! That photo is amazing haha. It is also amazing that no one was hurt. What a dick.

what a dickhead.

His body language suggest to me that he feels like the right dick that he is… What a WANKER :smiley:

Advertising always anthropomorphs cars … there were millions of dollars spent getting the front of the mazda 121 ‘right’ so that people thought it looked ‘cheerful’ etc … this ute just wants its tummy scratched! wuf wuf

full on. drivers need to chill the fuck out. i bet trying to save 30 seconds off his travel time was totally worth it.

glad nobody was hurt or killed though.