sunday mid morning ride

anyone interested in joining in a river loop, departing 10.30am from outside Gear Brisbane

yes!!! weather permitting… parrents should be gone by then…

should be fine, so they tell me

thanks for ride this morning. I had to be called away when I was at St Lucia. Enjoy the rest of the weekend lads!

anyone up for an early one tomorrow morning? River loop and Cootha?

i’ll do this, but i’ve gotta be valleyside of the city again by 6.30am at the latest, if this is too early no dramas but otherwise gimme a time and a place

how about 5:30 at emporium on wickham tce, time trial out to airport to be well and truly back by 6:30?

yeah sweet, particularly familiar with this emporium place, but i’ll find ya!

Just follow the smell of pretension.

I’ll be outside the cupcake shop.

this made me lol - so true