Sunday morning (26/6/11) early film shoot ride.


My mate Quinn is creating a documentary on melbourne Bike culture and wants to film a group of us riding fixed along the yarra boulevard this sunday morning. He wants to get the full effect of the melbourne winter with the fog, sun (and fucking cold hands i suspect). Quinn wants us to ride the boulevard twice while he follows in a car and films. It would be great if you could join me for approximately a 2 hour spin and coffee and breaky afterwards.

Where: Top of the Yarra Boulavard, above the pipe bridge where you get that view of the city. (where the bike path meets the Boulevard). see link below.
fairfield boat house - Google Maps

When: 6:20am 26/june/2011

text me on 0428277112 if you get lost or feel like letting me know your coming.


I could be keen. It’ll still be dark at 7:00 or so though! - will we be spending the first 40 mins getting make up? Also - Fixies on Yarra Blvd that early in the morning sounds a little implausable - I mean, roadies -sure, but fixies?!

Anyway - I’m not the artist, if I manage to wake up in time I’m totally there.

it’d be good fun before rolling to the roobaix.

unfortunately i am terrible at getting up in the morning, and i will be at DISC from 8 anyway…

I’ll come along, but i won’t say a word. If i do, I know I’ll end up looking like every other hipster in fixie videos: “yeh, like, the pedals spin…and so does the wheel so, like you cant stop? I dunno, its a zen thing…”


No make-up necessary but i’m sure all of us would appreciate seeing you in dark eyeliner, red lipstick and a little rouge ( we are meeting at one of Melbourne’s most notorious gay hang outs). You can query Quinn on his artistic decisionson sunday morning, im just the messenger :-).

see you then.

I’m interested, but what’s the dress code?

There is none, just rock up in what you would normally wear on a freezing winter morn :slight_smile: