Sunday night ride in the city?

Hey heard there is a weekly sunday night ride in the city? If anyone rides here hit me with some details, much appreciated.

It’s true, but not so many of those guys post on here.
They meet in Martin Place around 4 or 5, do a few tricks, then go for a spin somewhere. I think lately they’ve had around 20 or 30 people turn up. I’d go myself except for complete lack of trick ability, and the clash with Sunday Polo.

im usually there, its alright good to waste time no offence to anyone

found a facebook group with 600pictures looks good, but looks like its more of a trick thing rather than ride. how are they to new guys?

nicer then anything dude, i was worried they might be assholes but they where nice came up and shook my hand and talked a little :stuck_out_tongue:

oath i might see you there one time, once my frame comes from OS!
can’t wait

if your more into a proper ride thing the wednesday night ride at the crix and the saturday morning ride at martin place are not trick things…
and every one is pretty kool except me…

saturday sounds easier looking forward to it

mind me asking what time do they usualy set out on those sat morning rides?

7am from the bottom of Martin place
One thing… There can be a lot of Lycra and some times lots of old road bikes…
The pace is usually relaxed… The saturday morning ride topic ua the place to find out whats going on…

The sunday arvo guys are indeed super-friendly, but as Kanye said they’re just happy riding in circles and smoking. When they do ride, it’s like a squadron of wayward spitfires spiraling out of control, so try and keep up the front and clear of others.
Saturday mornings are pretty cool. We are all really good friends, but we’re certainly not opposed to new people showing up! There is a growing amount of lycra and silly sunglasses, and we know all the good coffee spots and make it our business to go to (sometimes several!) these often.
The wednesday evening rides probably won’t get really busy again til warmer weather starts cos people are soft. The pace Wednesday nights can get pretty manic, but it’s good fun.

… and a rapidly diminishing number of fixed gears.

The ride Sunday week ago was quite fast… We did a Larpa run with Brad and myself at the front towing the rest along.

For all the backwards circles and smoke breaks, they’re a rad bunch of people, and eating world pretty much makes the ride worth while anyways!