sunday ride - melb

anyone want to do one? maybe around 5:30 or a bit later, fed square
i know people are doing track and stuff, but i imagine saturday might have been a little wet, and so i didn’t go, i’m itching to go for a roll now.
i’m heading into the city, i’ll check this in a couple of hours and see if anyones interested.
otherwise, a semi regular sunday ride would be nice for those of us who are night people, and find it hard to get up for the saturday rides.

I’ve missed out on today but like the idea of a regular or irregular Sunday ride.

The Sat ride is a blast, but very early.

it was nice weather tonight, and the traffic was light at that time,
if we got a couple of riders it would be a good ride

i’d be def down for a sunday ride. i spend most of sunday dreading monday, so it’d be nice to get out for a ride with a few people.

I’d be keen too. Late Sunday arvo ride sounds sweet.

theres a few people i know do a regular sunday ride, usually 11am start in prahran, grattan street park, then roll to city to meet at 12 for those who live north/west sides, usually at section8 … pretty casual ride.

> for those of us who are night people, and find it hard to get up for the saturday rides

I agree, I’m sure the Saturday rides are great, but I’m not really a morning person. An evening/night ride would be great, something like Hey Fixie (7pm Tuesdays) or Midnight Mass (11:55pm Thursday Fortnightly) both in Vancouver, would be great.

Sunday afternoons however is polo so I’m kinda busy hitting stuff with sticks from 1 till dark (it’s worth considering for the brief overlap but big potential that exists there.)

If you do a Tuesday fixed ride - finish up at Bimbos. A group of us go there after Tuesday night racing for dinner ~ 10ish. Just look out for Turbo and be sure to say hi :slight_smile:

is this the cranky sundays one?, sounds good,

it doesn’t seem like many people are keen to do a night ride this time of year, but definitely in summer it should be thought about.

i am enjoying riding at night out here in the Stheast, when i have to go somewhere, roads are pretty quiet, i was thinking about mapping out a route through the green belt to dingley and back or something, it’s almost country side around there, just have to avoid the ricers at 2 in the morning

I’ve been hearing a lot about the ‘Cranky Sunday’ rides- out of interest when are they? Now that the weather is getting better I might actually be able to come along to some of them…

Usually meet at the Heist on Little LaTrobe around 12pm Sunday afternoon.

What?..we’re not good enough for you on a Saturday now, oh thats right not enough time to put on your makeup, and to comb your chest hair for when you ride with your top off. :smiley:

haha I KNEW someone was going to say that!
Pff, those Saturday rides are lame- it’s called a fixed gear ride but nobody rides a fixie! :evil:
just kidding love you all…
See you Saturday morning. :mrgreen:

Says the guy who is obsessed with building a single speed at the moment. By the way, how did the build session go?

The weather is looking fine this saturday so you will be able to ride your precious single speed

Riding this Sunday? Check out bike blessing … and bike cursing :evil:

Yeah it went pretty well- just a couple of bits and pieces left to fit. Not sure if they will rock up in time for Sat but we’ll see!
Who would have thought running Campag road cranks with a single speed chainring would be such a pain in the ass to set up… Why can’t they design things the way normal people would? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I rock up to Cranky Sunday, what bike should I bring? As you can see, I own a few: :evil:

It doesn’t matter as long as you keep your shirt on.

Sorry, if the weather is anything like it is today, the shirt is most definitely coming off… :sunglasses:

Totally the last one… no brakes no frame!