I couldn’t find a thread on sunglasses advice,
I’m looking to buy my first pair of cycling specific sunglasses, I got a rad hook up on Oakleys but open to others.
Has anyone used radars/jaw bones/split jackets? What are the differences.




how rad of a hook up? group buy ?? =D

Oakely M frame / Strike lenses. Been my favourite for years.

Brikos forever.

get the jawbones.

and get me some too.

These look great, any word on durability? Something tough would be good.

also just found some fakes on the net, they all sit around 15 bucks. Complete crap?


would love a pair of these

Radars FTW. Get the radar XLs - better vision for cycling IMO.

Rudy project make some good specs to.

I have Oakley Radars, and they are excellent. Not sure which lens I have, it’s not too dark and cuts out so much glare. They’re better than normal eyesight.

Anyone know where I can get some of these? Not fussed if they’re fake, these are just amazing…

They make radars in XL blade which is a tribute to the originals.
Oakley Radar XL Blades Sunglasses available online at | Australia

^ Those are ridiculously expensive and not nearly as radicool… ):

Oakley Razors ftw!

You can grab em on eBay but they don’t come cheap!

I just got a sweet employee hook up on a pair of Jawbones.
Go the custom if you’re getting a similar deal Sean.
The functionality of the interchangeable lenses is perfect ands easy to use.
If you do go down this path let me know cos I’d love a pair of clear lenses for mine.

Just get these…

Rapha: Limited Team Rapha-FOCUS Oakley Jawbone For Auction (Prolly Is Not Probably)

The money goes to their CYCLOCROSS TEAM what the fuck?

hook a brother up! =D

Will do, it’ll be either razors or m frames. I like the look of the M frames better but the razors seem more cycling orientated/well thought out. If you remind me I can hunt around for some clear jawbone lenses on saturday.

i had some old school oakley blades, quite comfy, but a too big for my face so sold em.