Sunshine 'Sheriff Star' NJS hubs...

Sunshine Sheriff Star Track Pista Hubs VIA NJS | eBay

These are marked VIA which is the old NJS standard marking.

Nice try, but it doesn’t!

Also making comparisons between Campagnolo Sheriff star hubs and these is a fucking stretch…

and you forced us to read it in the thread title

i think he meant BIA (fat finger syndrome as v is next to b)

^^ Yup, was going to say I have a set of these. They aren’t mine on ebay by the way… mine are built up on one of my bikes.

I wouldn’t dare make that comparison. Forgive me Tullio

I’d buy them, still might!

Well soneone thought they were worth $180.
Sold very quickly after being posted on here.

Shouldn’t they be called Ninja Stars ? Shuriken is the correct term (I think).