Suntour Sprint hubs question

Suntour Sprint hubs are they ok? I’m eyein this rig on ebay which has these laced to some Mavic MA2 rims. I kinda guess they’re not in the same arena as Phil’s or Campy’s, but would they’re not some shit you’d get from Kmart or something?


They are considerably better than OK.

Suntour Sprint were second in line to Suntour Superbe Pro Hubs in the late 80’s.

Some people believe that the Superbe pro track hubs are the best you can get (still).

These are good hubs - very good. You’ll enjoy them for years and years to come!!

How you gonna get it from Perth to Melbourne???

That’ll be this then…

wish he hadn’t put all the info I asked for public… Would have been a bargain otherwise… Now it’ll fetch a decent amount and be stripped for parts…


They are considerably better than OK.[/quote]

Really? Cool. I’ve got a NOS pair of high flange Sprints in the cupboard. Can’t think what to do with them.

Lats: Greyhound. $65 depot to depot, or $81 door to door.

MikeyD: Yep thats the one! He had it posted before for $100, makes me think I should’ve grabbed it then. He’s quite fond of posting every question isn’t he! And just maybe we could do some deal Mikey? Seeing as how it’s really just the wheels I’m after (to complete my first fixie). Maybe you could, out of the kindness of your heart, not bid and I’d be able to get my rig on the road. What do you reckon eh? You could even have the rest of the other parts?

853: Depending if Mikey and I get into a bidding war, I might be interested in these.

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

I’ll keep out of the bidding then. Hope you get it for a sensible price…
If you get it and they are surplus to your requirements, can we negotiate on the crankset, BB and seat post (if it’s 25.4 Diameter)?

Mike you are a true gentleman! We’ll see what happens at 9.24pm Sunday then shall eh?

Thanks again :slight_smile: