suntour superbe pro group


any of you mineral-loving emo-turds selling this?

It goes without saying that if you live in North Fitzroy and you own a bike, you’re a member of

I want the hoods!

I want the whole lot. It’s hard to tell what condition its all in, but $500 seems ok if its in good nic.

JP, the $7 hoods that I snagged at commuter are a perfect fit for superbe pro levers. I’ll find out the brand and let you know.

holla at me too :wink: … or post a pic

whats a group like this worth?

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good other items

If I didn’t just waste a lot of money on non bike related crap I would bid on this.

I lied, they’re $10:

and how they fit:

Not exactly perfect, but pretty close and a very cheap option, they feel nice too.