Suntour Superbe?

Talk to me…what are all the suntour superbe hubs available? Which are best, which are crap, how many are there?

shut up Lats! JUST. SHUT. UP.

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No really,

What do you mean Rhino? Who has some for sale, or what is the various ranking of groups etc?

What are the various levels. Suntour Superbe Pro, Suntour Superbe Sprints…are there any others?

Just trying to figure something out…

Depends on a couple of things

  • Track or Road

  • What decade the parts were made - they altered the ranking 70’s 80’s and 90’s

General Basics

Superbe Pro (Don’t think this existed in the 70’s)

Superbe Pro
Superbe (Top in the 70’s)
Sprint (not sure when this one came about)
Cyclone (2nd in the 70’s I think)
Other gruppos.

Hope this helps

Good history of the demise of Suntour here.

Ok, now the hard question. What is a mint condition set of Superbe Track Hubs worth???

High or low flange?

How long is a piece of string - only worth how much you want to ride them.

pictures please, just to perve on :lol:

I paid ~$210 for mine - NOS 1981 36H low flange.

I was surprised they weren’t more expensive.

Probably because no Americans bid on them. The Yanks go nutts over this stuff and pay way way way too much for it. But they do that with alot of collectables.

Suntour Superbe hubs, Campag Omega Rims, Tubluars, Continental Tyres, High Flange…as seen on the colnago in this photo

We’re all jealous now.

Was there any luggage allowance left for some cloth bar tape?


nice pave in the background… brings back memories :wink:

…was this post just a build up to you showing off those wheels??? :wink:

Nice, looks like you’ve done allright for yourself after all.

$10 says those didn’t come back in his luggage.

These are being put up as a potential sale…not to show off. I have found myself some new ‘bling wheels’. Not sure if I want to whore myself on e-bay and make a fortune by selling to the US, or keeping them for a sale only!!!

The new wheels are something much more unique!!!

HANDMADE ‘Simonelli’ track hubs (a guy in QLD hand machines each hub, they roll really, really smooth. Will get closer photos…need to be polished!

Bladed Spokes…the Japan stuff.

Velocity Rims…need some light polish

Continental GP3000 Tyres…

You got them! Nice.
Hopefully I can beat the (future) hangover and see these go round and round on Sunday arvo.

Careful, if they’re clear anodised then polishing will make them briefly shiny and then they’ll oxidise worse than they are now.

So mirror polish them and clearcoat!

Blakey, I will just show you and see if it can be done.

alloy polishing compounds protect from oxidisation.

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