Super Deluxe Bicycle SHINY NEW PAINT

I didn’t have a bottom bracket tool so I got lazy and just had Shifter put the whole thing together. Dan was great, Had it ready the next day.
Lots of parts courtesy of this forums members.
All the big names get a look in.
Dura Ace, Phil, Mavic, Thompson, Campagnolo, Nitto, San Marco, Zeus, Izumi.
My first ‘nice’ bike and I love it.
The tight geo is much nicer to ride than my slack path racer.

Got bored about four weeks ago and gave her a new coat of paint.

i visited that gallery last night.
nice bike too

Nice ride. What gallery is this?

very nice.


Check. I snuk in and snapped some photos. Some white haired woman in trendy glasses chased me out.

that front brake cable hurts my eyes.

could have at least put on a matching rear tire for the photo :expressionless:

I was torn between making a vanity build and just using what ever good parts I could get.
I went for the latter. As much as I’d like a nice shiny bike with colour co-ordinated matching parts I just have no ability to keep things clean and neat.
I’m the sort of person that buys a nice white shirt for special occasions at the weekend and it ends up paint and ink stained and in my everyday wardrobe before the week is out.

Whats the date all about?

Nice looking ride… always good to see what you guys are on nowadays and I need to keep an eye out for.

It was meant to go on the gallery wall to advertise an exhibition but the sign writer cut it in the wrong colour vinyl. So I banged it on the frame instead.
Its also sporting a ‘ladyluck’ sticker. So when I crash the irony will override the tragedy.

I got bored on saturday so I started to strip the paint of my ride.
Turns out under the red coat of paint its a white CECIL WALKER. (or a frame that someone stuck Cecil decals on)
Anyone know what steals Cecil was building frames out of in the, fuck I don’t know, when would this have been built, 80’s?