Super Elliott and 5 Star

would love have a frame like these especialy after seeing how great they can look at retro velo at the tdu

vintage malvern star 5 star road racing campagnolo bike (eBay item 300520212584 end time 05-Feb-11 11:32:37 AEDST) : Sport

vintage super elliott fancy lugged gothic E track frame (eBay item 290528389167 end time 05-Feb-11 12:05:28 AEDST) : Sport

That 5 star looks amazing. It is my understanding that there are very few frame painters left in Oz that can achieve that kind of finish. The paint alone on that bike is worth the BIN price, you are essentially getting the best start on a restoration job you could hope for. Add another $1000-2000 for parts and you’d have a very nice wall piece or weekend rider for sure.

I’m sorry but the paint jo on the 5 star makes my head spin

Looks like a Ken Dickie paint job to me. He’s down here in Melbourne and is still painting to my knowledge.

The seller was one of the dudes that displayed part of his collection at Retro Velo.

And the depth of his collection is amazing!

yeah mario, nice guy. i bought some old stepthroughs off him and he threw in a roadie and a mtb frame; very generous.