Super sweet USA builder that I had forgotten

In late 2008 there were two unbelievably amazing bikes on US ebay… they were the crazy ornate type, long tangs on lugs and crown, custom drilled and embellished chainrings, panto everything. I usually dislike too much faff, and especially heavy faff like tangs, but these two bikes stuck with me and I can still see some of the details in my minds eye now. Anyway, I had forgotten the builder until last night when I was looking for 30th birthday presents for my wife. I found this, and immediately thought it might be “The Buidler” that I had forgotten.


I cant see any pics of those two bikes that I remember, but velo orange dude also saw them and noted them on his blog by the looks of it. The classic rendezvous page on him shows a flash of some of his work, but nothing close to those two bikes I saw in 2008. I wish I had bought them. Anyone remember the bikes I am talking about? anyone save the pics of them? I was in Korea and the sound of online shooty games muddled my head so I didnt snap and save.

I wonder if I will regret not buying this one as much. Price looks like good buying to me. Paint is really nice, and reminds me just a bit of my alltiem fave Weigle paint scheme… she loves it but apparently doesnt want any more bikes. Boo.

edit: since theyre not mentioned in this section, if you ever questioned the notion that USA builders are unreal, now is a good time to see lovely examples from JP Weigle, Richard Sachs and a Witcomb that is bigger than anything I’ve seen before and may have been built by one of them… i’m not sure if its possible, but itd be cool to be able to find out who built each witcomb

Nice. Funny, I was thinking yesterday about how much I like US bikes. I picked up an OG spooky bandwagon last week; very far from skinny tyred steel, but someone here might know and care. FTW ftw.

lots of people here care about spooky & FTW!

mate! was the spooky already in Oz? I would care for build pics when youre done :slight_smile:

And do you still want that XT V?

good to know!

yep, already in oz. prahran, in fact. and thanks for the reminder about the X V… but the spooky came with a deore V that’ll do the job i had in mind. thanks again though.

can’t decide whether to leave the original black on it, which is a bit beaten but obviously a super tough powdercoat, or blast it back to raw so the chunky welds can be better appreciated. it doesn’t have the dt spooky stickers, but it does have the original ‘made in…’ sticker, so i’m reluctant to strip it. it’s going to get race face turbines, kevlar s2000 sdg saddle, an xtr 970 V or maybe a NOS odyssey a-brake, basically all the random 90s stuff i have kicking around. also lots of thomson and some newish rockshox forks – because i loved my orange z1s back in the day, but i can’t stand the sight of those things anymore.

sorry, didn’t mean to threadjack. maybe i should make a dedicated build thread…

also, it’s nothing like the Ouellette, but I like this:
Igleheart Stainless Steel 953 56cm MONSTER Cyclocross -OR- 650b Mountain Frame M | eBay