Superbe Track Pr0n


This post contains explicit images of Suntour Superbe track hubs.

Large images here:

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Just look at that shine. Now I have to find some suitable rims…

aw you’re such a prick. what you need now are some matching superbe pedals. Not NOS condition unfortunately.

  • Joel


those are hawte. i’m gonna roll you for your hubs next time i see you :slight_smile:

so are you going to hand-polish a nice set of Vee’s for them?


Get those polished rims that Dan is running…they would match.

Nice, but I think it will be tough to find s/h rims like Atlantas or Shamals or something, in a 36H.

Anyway, I’ve done the high profile rim thing the last two times so I’m thinking of going some silver Open Pros or some DT rims that Dan suggested.

Or maybe I’ll just stick the hubs in a glass cabinet and charge people $5 to have a look.


Where’d ya pick those bad boys up from??

Farrrrrrrrrrrrrkk. I want some!!


eBay - The Giver of Life

What’d they set you back?

Well, you’re gonna hate me I guess - $210.

I was surprised to get them at that price, given that they’re NOS. Maybe 36H put people off? Either way, I’m happy with the outcome :slight_smile:

Bloody oath.

Are you gonna use them on the Track or bling up your fixie?


I got a set of NOS Suntour Superbe low flange in the original box for $120 a few years back . Still havn’t been used :smiley:


What you gonna do with them??

I’m listening and waiting

I’ve got a few weeks off work soon so I’ll hopefully be building mine up. Just have to make that final decision about which rims to use.

Wrong answer. I was hoping you were going to offer them too me!!!
ha as if.

Nice. Can’t wait to see. I got a pair of large flangies for a track set recently. Can’t wait to give them a service, put some tubes on them and hit the track!!

Its a long shot, but… does anyone out there have a Suntour Superbe (or Pro) track headset and or bottom bracket.

Theres some on teh Bay in the US, but would rather pick up from Australia.


So when are we going to see you on a Saturday morning Lats? Flemington is just around the corner.

Or have we already?

The rowing coachings basically finished, so very soon.

I’m out tonight at the vic market. Looking forward to it!