if you are interested and stuck behind a desk, Superbowl streaming…


“Content from this channel removed at the request of the copyright holder. This channel will be accessible again in 24 hours”

knew it was too good to be true

this seems to be working…for now…

what time does it start?

way to dig up keith moon and john entwhistle’s corpse and piss all over them remaining who douches…

using this one now

just starting the second half after the aforementioned Who half time ‘entertainment’

sweet find man cheers

Superbowl ads are always good… :roll:

An oldie but a good one! :smiley:

Ahh, but the word football originates from medieval Europe when games played by peasants on foot where called football as opposed to the sports played on horseback by nobles and royalty. :wink:

haha not quite as good: