Supersonic - Pervis in Japan

Supersonic - François Pervis - CANALPLUS.FR

I wish I knew what they were saying?!?

Great stuff.

But needs moar English subtitles.

General gist from my extremely poor French (good enough to be able to order a couple of Pain au Chocolats and a coffee but that’s about it)…

Hopefully someone who can actually speak more than rudimentary French can correct me. But here goes…

Discipline is everything for Keirin.
Having a world champion like Pervis competing is great for Japanese Keirin.
The scruteneers are particularly strict and force Pervis to replace his tyre. Pervis begs others to give him a tyre as although he is a World Champion he is poor unlike Japanese Keirin racers.
Has to hand in electronics so can’t contact bookmakers.
Has a bit of a whinge that he raced poorly in his first race.
Lots about how difficult it is to be OS away from family.

A sightly different version dubbed in English.


Thanks for posting guys … brilliant to watch.

Howsabout that cadence on the rollers? Amazing.

certainly was, up around 200 i’d say.