That’s given me an idea for my kid’s bike :wink:.

What are those pedals? Are they clipless?

They’re odyssey twisted plastics, definitely not clipless :expressionless:

Are they zip ties around the spokes???

Constructive criticism: Get some toe straps if you want to be able to stop

Yes It can give the front wheel a positive and direct response to steering input especially when stomping and sprinting out of the saddle. The rear wheels benefits by eliminating hub wind up and increased lateral stability, giving positive response to pedal force input. This is all the more important with low spoke number or light wheels. All your pedal force goes to the tyre.

And Im going to get some double straps from Gear brisbane as I almost died last night.

in the latest urbanvelo download there’s a guide to tying and soldering spokes, which is a better, though less colourful way, of actually accomplishing all that.

Soldering and tying I understand, but zip tying? I imagine they would come loose after a few good hours of riding…


Paging Jobst Brandt…

And zipties contribute an even smaller effect than tying & soldering. The only possible benefit is to restrain a broken spoke to stop it damaging things.

play nice with the other kiddies Blakey or we’ll have to take away your slide rule…

Speaking of kiddies, you aren’t planning to attract children with that bikes colour scheme? If so Micheal Jackson just called, he will buy the bike from you…

And Im going to get some double straps from Gear brisbane as I almost died last night.

:lol: :lol:

Someone hand me the tissues please.

With a bike crisis like this, it is no time for ‘whacking -off’ christof.

Gotta do something to bring the smile back.


Also, have you cleared your paint scheme with user Ross?

Ahahahaha is Ross on here too He was my inspiration to make my bike have as many colors as possible

Sweet :smiley: What colour do the wheels go when they spin?

I actually reckon it would look better with all black wheels :wink: But an overabundance of colour never hurt anyone did it? :lol: