Surf Thread


had that issue and it ended up looking that dog-eared :wink:

bullet was recently honoured with wingnut at the riptide readers poll awards getting entered into the Australian bodyboarding hall of fame (which i didnt know even existed).

user tallshipsahoy had a sweet custom found that he spec’d with the same deck/rails/slick colour as the iconic 7-7 (a board i always wanted, but never owned). pretty sure that is long gone given his current position running their retail store/shaping zone.


Found have been (in my opinion) killing it lately.

I’m off to Tupira Surf Club, PNG for next week. Very keen to ditch the crowds.


Live stream for the Duct Tape at Noosa!


This was a decent read…


Great read, Greg long is amazing in every way I just wish we got to see where Jay Moriaty ended up before he was taken.




Yeah that’s crazy eh.


HOMG … Chopes footage to die for !!!


I’m gonna need at least 6 months warning but if the FOAmafia wanna group together and do a Chopes group surfari I’m down. Will prolly do it on a lid unless it’s small though.

And extra Respek Rolly for the Macca reference !!! Dude was a king :wink:


Wow, that look amazing.


Awww yiss. Or Mentawai’s.


Mentawai’s would be civilised … I like the idea of Chopes carnage, with random “do a skid” calls and plenty of stitches. Plus we could also find a small deserted island and start the FOA version of Lord of The Flies !!


ntbd. we could charter an entire boat and sail it around the islands on our fixy surf safari and make FOA territorial claims on various islands.

pps. in all seriousness though, who here has ever even paddled into a 10+ft wave. s/plenty of stitches/broken vertebrae


I’m just waitin on the 50yr Storm.




we could have rollers hooked up to paddle the boat !!

10foot+ … but that was long ago. I’m too old now, unfit and don’t got game anymore. That’s Ok too … I’ve had some amazing surfs over the years and happy to kick back on the fun stuff.


Paging Nikcee …


saw a few more of the trailers and additional footage recently.

its on my list to watch…


I suspect this will be a great watch

They keep skirting around the major substance abuse issues he suffered but I imagine it’ll be addressed in the film.


This was great…



did enjoy the little bit of the red bull Cape Fear event i got to watch, including seeing a perfect 10 wave happen as i was watching the live feed.