I know me posting about a BMX video premiere is not the most relevant thing for this forum, but there are already a few dudes on here who will be in attendance ( the fabulous MR Lewis and Master Andy), so if you got nothing else on and want to be entertained for a bit come on down.

Sandringham Hotel Newtown upstairs in the band room from 5.30pm.It is early but was our only available time as the bands go on at like 7.30. The Bone Deth dvd " Surfin For The Ugly Broads" is brought to you by Hell On Wheels and Tripple Six Distrobution.
Even if you dont care for BMX at all you WILL enjoy this video. The riding is the fastest and most wreckless form of street riding ever seen, that mixed in with a B grade horror movie attempt and girls with chainsaws and machine guns makes for a good watch. If you dont want to leave your bike out the front of the Sando you can come down to the shop ( only one block down from the pub ) and i can lock it inside before the film starts up.

Hope to see some of you nice folks there.

I saw the trailer for this. Tits, Gore and BMX. The 3 best things in Life.

30 mins til premiereā€¦do it.