Surly 1x1

Probably not to everyone’s taste, but here’s my ride.
It spent the winter as a single-speed mountain bike, but for summer it is back as a fixed city bike.

Black, medium (18") Surly 1x1 frame and fork
Rear hub is a Surly New hub, 135mm fixed-free built up by Shifterbikes into Red 32h Velocity deep-v’s
Gearing is 44x15
and yes, that is a carbon aero seatpost from Cyclic.

So yeah, medium frame but built for someone 6 foot.

Wave if you see me in the West of Melbourne… maybe even Seddon.

Barspin :smiley:

might want to run the brake cable through the steerer first.

I think I have stem envy :-o :-o :-o how long is that thing?

V Nice. I like it.

It’s like the stem and the seatpost are in some sort of ‘keeping-up-with-the-jones’’ type of affair :expressionless:

looks like is a lot of fun to ride.

The seatpost is what it is because it was too long for every other bike I own…

The stem then got jealous and couldn’t look at itself in the mirror, so went in for an extreme makeover.

Same thing happened between the rims and the chainring (but they wanted to be thicker, rather than longer)

that’s fully sick!