Surly #campvibes

Seems like Surly is furthering their bike-packing options. Haven’t heard anything official about release dates/prices etc. from Surly but just saw a post on Bike Rumour about 3 new offerings Surly is going to be launching.

Seems first off they’re bringing back the Instigator.

But they’re also adding two new bikes:


Seems like Surly’s take on a Salsa Fargo. Monstercross/Disc CrossCheck/Gravel Grinder/#campvibes thing going on. I quite like it! Purple sparkle paint is kind rad too.

Then there’s the 29+ ECR (Enduro Camping Rig)

This seems to be more of a dedicated, off-road bike packing option where the Straggler is more of a do-it-all but also get out of town and do some camping sort of a thing.

I could very easily see myself selling the TCX and replacing it with a Straggler as my commuter/bike camping/gravel grinding/occassional CX bike.

Me too. Looks pretty versatile.
But I think that shade of pink/purple is pretty shit

Straggler looks grouse, colour an all.

I’m certain there’ll be plenty of others with the same thoughts. Hopefully they bring it out in a more ‘understated’ colour like a black or dark earthy colour like they have in the past.

Straggler is essentially a disc-ed crosscheck I reckon.

That’s exactly what the article says

Love the Cross Check but ready to trad in your Cantis? Check out the new Straggler – a steel, single track capable cross bike with disc brakes.

Reading articles? Aint nobody got time for dat.

Haha! I completely missed that too. Regardless, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve had customers asking about disc CrossChecks for so long now.

It’s evolution baby!