Surly dingle cogs

Interesting. Double fixed cog.

9 speed 3/32 though. :roll:

They’d be very hand on long rides!!!

I wonder if anyone makes them for 1/8 chains

Nah. The reason they are 3/32 is because 1/8 are wide and that would result in a dodgy chain line. Get a double fixed hub.

Real men ride what they brought any way.

Agreed. You’ll have to unbolt the rear wheel anyway to shift the chain. Not too hard to flip the wheel around as the extra step.

I’d presumed that they were intended for use with double front chainrings, thus resulting in two perfect chainlines, and little change in the effective chainstay length when switching from one pair to the other.

No word from Surly on a double front chain ring.

I wouldn’t have thought they would need to manufacture one.

Theres plenty of cranks out there that do the job just fine.

Nah, the chain line would be crap. You would need something like the double White Industries chain ring.

well the inner and outer chainrings of a standard road double are 4-5mm apart, perfect for this sprocket. Just run the same size ring.

  • Joel

Why bother… find your gear for the job and stick to it. Dont you just have another bike for another gear?

I would not touch stuff like this with a 3343mm barge pole… other people might be interested though.