Surly Dingle?

Anyone ever used a Surly Dingle sprocket? 3/32 chain only but seems like a not-bad idea. Opinions? , follow the DINGLE COG link.

Or you could just flip your wheel over. Or get a d?railleur?

No flip-flop hubs in the current stable.

Accent over the e? That’s just showing off.

Hmm. 60 or 70 bucks for a cog nearly seems like a good reason for a flip-flop hub.

I just like that they have a set of cranks named Mr Whirly, which they admit are named after a song by the mighty Replacements :smiley:

I have one for the offroad fixed.
A gear to get me there and a gear for the trail.
It works great, I use double chainrings up front and you can get two really good chainlines. Because its for offroad where I run brakes it is a lot quicker than using the flip side of a double fixed ( it’s a 30 second gear change when you hit the dirt) and I still have a freewheel for when/if i need it.

Not cheap but if you were buying two good quality cogs you would spend more than that by the time you got 2 cogs and 2 lockrings.

I wouldn’t bother for the road but I had a specific use in mind.

Did these things take off or what?

i’m still using mine
used the big cog maybe twice lol

Way to use the search function !

Doesn’t this screw your chain length? Or do you have to carry a second chain to be able to use it? Always wondered…

the idea is you use two road chain rings up front that are the same number of teeth apart as the ‘dingle’ (can get them 2, 3 or 4 teeth different) so that the chain length is the same and the chain line isn’t affected (?effected) either.

the idea is nice, have 46/42 up front and a 17/21 dingle, comfortable road gear and easy offroad/cx gear

Omfgdfunkd that is genius.
Someone buy me one of these right nao? Derp

I can see why they never set the world on fire.

You’d want a chain that was nice and flexy. I would have thought it would be horribly loud running one of the two, seen as it would screw your chainline.

Good thing about the Surly cogs is that you’ll never wear the thing out. Had mine (not a Dingle) for coming on 4 years now. 3 years of which I was doing a daily commute.

Epic thread dredge

They only come in 3/32, so you’d use an 8sp or 9sp chain that could handle less-than perfect chainline, this would be ok if you ran one ring up front

To nexus’ question about chain length - IIRC the original idea was to run 2 chainrings up front as well. With the right rings + dingle combo, big ring + small sprocket requires the same chain length as small ring + big sprocket (and no chainline issues).

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no chain line/chain length/noise issues for me with 1 ring at the front.

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There is no chain line issue, as I understand it. Your BIG gear is outer chainring, outer cog, your little gear is inner chainring, inner cog. You can have perfect chainline on both if the rear is spaced the same as chainring spacing, which i assume it is, which is all i can do since i cant be bothered visiting that site. White Ind makes the same thing in a freewheel (Dos) which is more up my alley.

Saw someone at the lights last week with this set up. Looked sweet.