surly (poo)crosscheck hypercolourvomitcommuter.

so, commuting on a turned down track bike with heaps of stuff (20kg + and a pair of size 12 shoes) on my back was a shitty idea. goodbye soma, hello surly. far more practical. far more ugly. far more colourful. bike is a bastard child with (nice) shit out of mine and works spares box and a set of nice custom wheels. i went a bit overboard on the colour (very bored at work and the coloured bits box was just asking to be raided). but who cares, its for commuting/maybe some cyclocross racing if i can be bothered. its nearly there, missing bags, a rear brake and a front mech (clamp, have the mech). need to spend some time fiddling with the brakes, currently squealing like a pig. not in a real rush to finish it, won’t start properly commuting for another 2 months or so, but should be fun.

Fucking love that! Just rear brake and FD still to go?

Its like the anit-colourway.

and panniers!
anyone with recommendations?
i nearly got it PCd black and went only 3dv purple. that would have been boring though!

Asher, You just built the Vengabus!

now that is bike that makes me smile…

Hearty approval from me.
Cross-checks are just bloody good for loaded commuting.
I had some budget panniers from Wiggle which did the job admirably, but I’ve just switched to a VO mini front rack and boxy handlebar bag. Carries my clothes/towel, plus tubes/tools etc.

You gonna get mudguards?

  1. HyperColourWay approved.
  2. Ditch that rear rack that looks like it’s built for disc brakes and get one spaced normally, the cantilevered load on the mount is going to fail by fatigue.
  3. If you want panniers, go Ortlieb. Don’t waste time and frustration with others. Arkel are pretty good though.
  4. Mudguards on commuters are compulsory.
  5. Needs some more hiviz!

forgot about the mudguards. yes will be getting some.
looking at these:
Wiggle | Curana C-Lite Road (45-50mm) Mudguards Mudguards

Wiggle | Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Panniers Panniers
or these:
Wiggle | Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Panniers Panniers

can’t really decide.

Oh fuck that’s so ugly it’s… actually it’s just ugly.

Well done. It rules.

(Does your shop have any purple/black cinelli splash bartape? Cecils $5 bin has no more and I fear for what I’ll have to put on the Travesty (Now With Chris King!) when I wear the current stuff out.)

Don’t buy those guards. Terrible coverage and hardware. Buy these ones:
Wiggle | Vavert Hybrid Bike Fixed Mudguards Mudguards

Better mounting hardware, mudflaps, and a bonus: COLOURS!

Panniers: I have bike & sport packer plus’, mushroom dome top, not rollers, so they’re not useable as a washing tub / esky. Between the two you posted though it’s really down to finish. Have a look at the Bike Packer Plus and Bike Packer Classic.

Wow, those guards come in mission brown! They look pretty decent, but I still like my chromoplastics: looks like wiggle isnt shipping those to aus anymore tho…

That’s hideous, but it works!

Saw some guy yesterday with a fluoro, yellow guard on his rear wheel…fugly!

thanks for the tip about the guards. black and green for me!

unfortunately i only have other chill pills in black. so purple for the rear too.

i am thinking about covering the rear triangle of the frame in yellow electrical tape. to make it a bumblebee at a rave party.

Yellow reflective tape, no less, thanks.

because of the background of the above photo i must post this.