Suspiciously cheap

Yes more internet police action here. no description but looks like a bike that belongs to someone that knows it’s probably worth more than 200$

if not, great bargain for someone!

Good link

Yeah let me at it.

where’s the link?

A+ thread. Would read again.

i can’t see the link

it is indeed suspiciously cheap. too suspicious that I can’t see it.

maybe I’m not police

Is this one of those secret underground deals where you need to know the secret wink and handshake combo before you can even get a look at the dodgyness?

ohhhhhhh retard sorry

Fixie bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Coburg

I wouldn’t pay 200 for that hunk of shit

yeah I know it’s not great, it seemed more than 200 worth at the time. slow day. I created too much suspense with the mis-post. even I felt like there was about to be some “NJS something something for $100” revelation. what an anticlimax

still think its a pretty good deal for a casual riders/starter bike though