Swanston St Plan unveiled today

Not perfect but I like it better than some of the alternatives. Can Popeye deliver it?

“the council is also considering moving horse-drawn carriages to the east side of St Kilda Road in front of Alexandra Gardens”

I hope that happens - I’m kind of sick of riding through shit on my commute.

fucken ban em. the main street of a 21st century city is not the place for horses and their waste.
yep, hate the smell, dodging the shit and piss, and frankly can’t imagine the horses much like being there either

its so romantic sitting in traffic in a horse and carriage though.

i would feel so fucking lame if i got made to ride around in one of those by my girlfriend.

not like you can cop a sly blowie while you’re sitting there or anything (plus, jerky motion of the horse could end in disaster)

Hahaha best thing i read all day.

The new plan sounds better as long as you can still drive across it the other way

its not those horses that shit everywhere. It the cop horses. the carriage ones have a shit-bag (is that what theyre called?) attached

fukn cops.

They need to get rid of the horses, they fucking stink and they are useless.
Sounds good apart from the delivery vehicle access times, id imagine they will be enforcing some pretty sweet fines into the deal and its going to be a nightmare for businesses. If i have a delivery on Swanston and im on a tight schedule the last thing i wanna do is make carry 80kg worth of goods from 500m away plus every loading zone in the area is gonna be full.

But yeah, get rid of the Taxis, horses and police cars and it will be awesome.

No you’ve got it arse about. It’s the shitbags that ride the cop horses.

BTW, I like your new username - suits you :wink:

ha, no it’s the carriage horses that shit everywhere. the shit bags don’t catch shit.
i haven’t seen a cop on horseback in ages and yet there’s shit everywhere.
has anyone else noticed that it’s gotten progressively worse over the last year or so. fine those filthy horsemen. the road has actually taken on a green/yellow hue because of the amount of shit pounded into it

looks interesting. i hope they pull it off though rather than ditch the plan a few months in. would make for much safer riding.

I’m not so sure - pedestrians are the biggest problem when riding down Swanston st, if that strip becomes more pedestrian friendly, it’ll mean more pedestrians will be “throwing them selves into the road gladly” and probably looking left and right less than they do now.

agreed. i think more pedestrians will flood the roads, actually making it less safe for us cyclists

Look at that first photo, i think this mean jay walking will become legal too it seems, it’ll be like carmagedon on bicycles!