swanston street heads up..

What about pain at the bowser, beloved of TT and ACA…

I don’t even have a license!

Buying groceries is your first mistake. Didn’t you see that one recently where ACA resolved, once and for all, which family meal was the best value from the ‘Big Four’: McD’s, Kentucky, The Hut and Red Rooter? Im pretty sure it ended with something along the lines of “If you’re prepared to eat in, Pizza Hut has all you can eat deep pan and unlimited soft drink refills… and this can really make a difference to the bottom line”

“bottom line”…hehe

That sums up pretty much all that is wrong with our society…
Will remember though, for max kilojoules I’ll stick to Pizza Hut!

WTF! The only dine in pizza huts left in Victoria are Bendigo, Ballarat and Shepparton. Now I gotta go on a god damn road trip to experience the filthy difference made to the bottom line.

I grew up in Gippsland and we had one in Traralgon. That is where all the great Birthday parties happened. The soft serve machine always got a good workout.

Amazing. Sig’d

isn’t there some kind of vegan anarchist co-op at melb uni that u could be a part of?

Just to make sure everyone is aware, Today Tonight has a special on tomorrow about Pizzas. All the big brands ‘under the microscope’. Apparently they intend to reveal which is ‘best for meat content’.

Fuck my boots.

Fucking great, so the obese people watching can get even more obese.

The obese have as much right to value as you or I.

i dunno whats going on…
i rode down there yesterday, with a police car behind me (wasnt aware at the time)
and nothing happened…

now im confused.

I’ve spewed in the toilets there more than once during my childhood.