Swap Meet, 3/7/10

Didn’t see a thread for this, anyone heading over or having a stall? My house are clearing some shit and will have a stall wvth a bunch of frames and wheels and parts.

I am planning to undertake the ‘epic’ ride to Abbotsford for bargain bike parts…but more so for the coffee.

I will be there… I am sharing a stall with a friend who has better and more parts, but I have the better beard. I am looking for more $50 HED3s :wink:

I might ride there… hmmm

yep I’ll be there, been growing the beard just for it. You can buy it from me cheap. :wink:

Not sure how I’ll meet anyone there seeing I don’t know anyone…

i’ll def drop in and see if any bargains are to be had.


9am sellers ($5 to sell)
10am - 12pm buyers
28-36 Grovesnor st ABBOTSFORD

I’ll be going. I don’t plan on buying anything though, just looking.

I’ll come and say hi, you’ll be the one wearing the cheap suit with grey hair I presume?

absolutely, franco cozzo all the way!

Im going to have a stall but i only have about half a stalls worth of stuff. So if anyone wants to go halves let me know either by pm or just reply here.

I’m guessing they mean Grosvenor St.

I’ll be there with a stall and some things to sell and maybe pick up a bargain or two.

Plenty of goodies, but not much for the taller gentleman. Good tunes by the way, beasties are always good

Scored a couple of Dura-Ace cogs for a $1 each, one of them was brand new! Sold a few things too but mostly not mine, haha.

yeah, scored cinelli bars and stem…
also, kerry hopkins track frame + phil + king + sugino.

Was a good morning out. plenty of bargains to be had.

whos somec funny bike out front? fkn sexc shit … please post pics on here!

i slept in… damn

Joel’s. I don’t think he’s on this forum, though.

damnit i slept in… ah how depression has its drawbacks against finding epic bargains at swapmeets