Swap Meet, 3/7/10

if it makes you feel any better roxby, I managed to find nothing. Mind you I’m a complete gumby that would have walked past brand new campag crank sets that were cheap, and not noticed.

Did anyone buy anything to help that homeless man with the broken wrist?!

My girlfriend liked the sausage she bought from the bbq.

I’m not sure he is a man yet… not without any discernible facial hair. I offered him my small change for that stickered frame. He was unkind in his response.

I sold everything but my frame (56cm sq cannondale crit3.0 roadie - 200 obo!) and a crank bros pump that was a last minute addition. Came back with some risers, celeste ourys and a rad red winter jacket plus a lot of laughs and chats with good people. Seems like a fair few people found items that got them to open their wallets.

Great location too…

Yes, I bought these ridiculous yet amazing pedals

somebody purchased the bars i got from the Jams ages ago.
$10, I was pleased.

Blakey what pedal is that?

Cambio Rino. Really nice.

I saw a photo with a pair of 7700 sti’s does anyone know the seller. Better yet does anyone know where I can a working LH shifter ??? I hadn’t had a sleep in for weeks and missed the meet and am kicking my self!

A friend of mine picked up some Gold Gipiemme rims for $20. Absolute bargain…

Never let it be said that Erle doesn’t provide good value for money.

Haha, it’s the monkey’s paw


I was wondering if anyone knows the young chap who was selling a ZIPP disk and pair of Campag Zonda rims. I believe he was leaning on a ute sellling his wares.

If you could let me know how to contact him, it would be much appreciated.