Swap meet: bikes, sneakers + more



Sunday 31st May

@ Rose St Market, 60 Rose St Fitzroy

11am - 5pm

Stall holder enquiries: hans_dc@sneakerfreaker.com

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do you have to pay to get in? got burnt on a ‘market’ like that near shifterbikes a while ago. “stoop to pick up nothing”.

Nice. I’ve got a large box of kicks that I’ve been wanting to shift. I wonder if you have to have a stall though? Do swap-meets actually work like the name suggests? Say, I bring my OLNL Jordan 1s, see a nice wheelset, bada bing bada boom, thanks very much?

If you have a lot of stuff its best to organise a table or share of a table, otherwise you can bring stuff and try to swap it with stallholders wares, although there usually is more selling than swapping so i guess “market” is a more accurate name for the event…

It’s whatever you wanna call it.

There will be store/table holders there to sell their stuff of course, but you can bring stuff in without booking a table and try to sell or swap…as long as you can carry your stuff or have agreed with someone to put it on their table or space.

As far as I know there will be no entry fee, xept for maybe a gold coin donation as the venue is not making any money out of this. All they do is run the tuck shop.

Ill be visiting the venue this weekend to confirm a few more details and have a look at the space to see how many sellers we can fit in. Please email me if you have any questions and I should have all the answers by Monday.



gotta start savin my pennies

If anyone gets a table, and has space for a few pairs of trainers, kindly let me know please!

Hey people, I have some updates. We made a mistake in telling you that the stalls were free. In fact they are $40. I apologize if this has caused any problems.

Here is the stall info…

  • 3 x 3 metre stall with Tables, chairs, power, exhibiting boxes etc. $40 per stall
  • Cafe open all day, hot food, coffee etc.
  • alcohol license provided on the day
  • Trading hours 11am till 5pm
  • Setup between 9am and 10.30am bump out 5pm till 7pm

So far we have Strictly BMX, Pony Bikes and a couple of individuals bringing stuff down. There are still stalls available if any of you y=are interested or even if you join with a bunch of people to fill one.


Reminder, tomorrow its owwwwn!

Yeah! One place to sastify my bmx and fixie needs. Just need some mulah now.

Bought lots of cheap clothes and a saddle off nickcee got some cheap bartape from bsc for 5 bucks as well. Was tempted to buy some outrageous sneakers restrained my self.

none of the bike stuff i was looking for was there.

and not that many bike stalls. but there were some pretty rad bikes out there

all i got was a bloody parking fine

Other than a parking fine, did anyone pick up anything good?

I decided to spend my money on snowboard gear instead today.

kinda sad i missed it. i reckon there would’ve been some excellent records out there, as well as bike parts.

yea it was a bit of a poor showing in the ways of fixed items
heaps of nice frames but they were all conversions
good fun though, good to offload some clothes

I went at the end of the day when it was all packing up, bought a cog for the hell of it (same as one I’d lost, so i can pretend i never lost it). Wanted to set it up without thinking through that my fixed/free hub won’t go fixed/fixed. So back into the bike goodie bag it goes.

Some guy had a pair of emerica motorcycle boots samples. That was my highlight.
It was also amazing how much people were asking for frames which belonged on hard rubbish.
Pretty good all up , but I didn’t buy anything.

I sold a bike, didn’t spend any money though.