Swap Meet, Sunday 22 November, Outside Good Cycles Docklands 10am-noon

Any questions ask away.

p.s. sorry for by bad layout skills

Interesting. Are there any criteria that limit the types of bike parts or era that is being invited to swap meet, or is it open slather to all tribes?

Open to anything bike related

Few sellers confirmed.

Must be some people who need to clear a shed…

Probably not as many clearers as people who think they can still squeeze a few more bits into their sheds.

Can you put your flyer on this site … Buy/sell road cycling Victoria
you might get a bit of interest there.

I’m not on FB myself, if you could post it up that’d be great, thanks.

Ill spam the flyer around all the FB ages when I get home this evening!

Ace! thanks.

Posted on about 20 different pages!

Cheers dude

FB Event to share if you please

Yo, if your keen to sell get in touch (only $5/$10). Cheers, Mike

I’m in , just sent you an email , thanks for the reply
I’ll have 2 bikes & lots of older parts


This Sunday.

14 sellers so far, room for more but I think we have run out of tables.

Marty from Elephants and Robots will be showing some of his bags.

Guy from here: http://www.cycloretro.com/ is coming down.

And a few folks from here that have excellent sheds are selling

I can bring my own table if that helps

Should be fine. But I’ll keep it in mind thsnks.

Now with $15 DDCX shirts!

Just sent an email through!

received, your on the list!