Sweat protector

:? Words cant even convey how stupid this is…
Have these people never ridden in the rain!

Nah man this is a good idea - Carbon is extremely corrosive :-P.

I reckon if I stretched my undies out over the handle bars and back over the seat post it would look exactly the same.

lol… people must buy them

That’s a bike bib. In case you spill some of your energy gel while drooling over your mates ride. That stuff will really fuck with the paintwork.

Looks like one of those bug/stone protectors, when your bike is on the roof of your car.

It’s designed for when you are training on rollers.

But most people get by using a TOWEL

Seriously, I’ve seen loads of carbon frames discoloured by people who have heavy roller/trainer use. It is a good idea but. . .

just ride outside more instead of in your lounge room.

It’s not as silly as it looks…sweat, spit, sports drink, snot etc aren’t kind to steel frames/front derailleurs/bottom brackets either. I have this friend :wink: who rains bodily fluids on the trainer. He used to hang a towel on his top tube to catch sweat until one day during a hard sprint interval it slipped into the spinning vortex of chain/chainring/crank/derailleur…

Does he/she really like their bike?

These aren’t that bad. I was thinking about getting one to protect my steel roadie when on the rollers, because i have exposed steel from straches in the paint work. If you dont wipe your bike down straight away, the salt from your sweet causes them to rust pretty quickly. Even the allen key bolts on stems and headset can rust cause these little suckers aren’t alloy

I think they’re pretty helpful for a triathlon.

You come onto the bike leg dripping salt water and sweat everywhere.

Dude, I’m not admitting to knowing anything about triathlons but I pretty sure you wouldn’t actually ride anywhere with it. I think you’d have a few steering issues.

just sayin.


Looks like the bike is giving itself a wedgie.

you could rest a magazine on it, THAT would be usefull on the rollers

Fixed that for ya?

I guess we are talking about a different type of rider here, clearly people using one of these don’t train on their $10k bikes in bad weather or grimy roads. Otherwise Im sure that getting a bit of sweat on the bike would not seem like such an issue. Another toy for cashed up beach road cyclists I guess :smiley: