Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet. . .

Has anyone else seen this??

Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

1/ Skip immediately to the video.
2/ If you can’t handle the suspence, skip to 2:59 in the video.


Firstly I think this belongs in the linkblog

Secondly I think that as long as it passes all the safety standards it’s a pretty marketable product, I know a few ppl who opt not to ride to outings at the risk of ruining their hair

Thanks for the tip on where this should have gone. :smiley:

I have no hair so no bother to me. I find it remarkable that people are thinking along these lines.

I saw this maybe a couple of years ago when wearing way too many scarves was kind of cool for some people. Would rather wear a helmet than weird scarf looking thing on a hot day. My concern would be it activates during a near miss - suddenly blowing up around your head during unusual head movements and causing you to crash anyway.

My thoughts are that, although it’s clever, it’s a more complex solution to a problem otherwise solved by helmets. Helmets are much simpler to produce and do the same job. I wonder if you need to charge it? /retrogrouch

Clever though.

been around a while…



watching the testing videos on their website it looks to activate fine if you were to hit the ground or bonnet. However i think its too slow to activate if you were to smack your head whilst still on the bike or just coming off eg. if some how you were to hit your head on a door or a low hanging branch of a tree etc.