Swedish Crescent

Purchased yesterday :-D:

Reynolds tubes, campag. hubs… and that is the extent of my knowledge of old racing bike components. This website http://www.cykelhobby.com/92320eng.htm has some more information but most of it is in Swedish. Well I bought the bike to learn things (not least of which is how to take a bike back to Australia with me) so expect a plethora of stupid questions in the near future.

The previous owner was a fantastic guy.

First, he picked my girlfriend and I up from the train station when we asked for directions to his house. Then, on our return journey the train staff refused to let us on board with a bike. I called the guy and asked if he could pick the bike up again then I would come to collect it another time. He said that was fine but when he arrived he offered to drive us an hour and a half back home. No extra cost…he refused petrol money…all because he was happy someone was going to restore the bike and especially happy as it was going to be living in Australia.

Of course I’ve promised to send him photos of the bike around Melbourne.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wow! what a guy!

Nice old ride - Sugino cranks too!

Will look very nice with minimal bits hanging off it back here in Aus.

:smiley: Also not a thing is brazed on, everything is clamped on so I may not need to break out the ol’ bushfire causing angle grinder.

Excellent work Mr Volvo.

The bike has a French bottom bracket. I’ve been told to stock up on used cups whilst I’m in the country but what are my options once I get back in the country? I imagine anything is possible with money… so any ideas on how much I would be looking at to replace it once I got home.

Not cheap, but Phil make french threaded cups. Buy a Phil BB and never worry about it again.

Best advice you could get … and, in the long run, cheap.

And you can always use it in the next… french… frame…

Noice! I saw one of those models up for sale on the local version of ebay a while back, wasn’t particularly expensive either. Living just across the water from Sweden means that Crescents are quite common here too.
Cheers from Finland by the way!

Thanks for the tip guys. I was hoping it would be an excuse to buy a phil bb.

Pete, PM’d.

Just spotted another of these sweet orange Crescents for sale, price looks ok too.


Ohh nice. Aren’t they hot (in a very seventies way)? $199Euro isn’t bad but it isn’t that cheap either; it’s double what I payed for mine. That said, I have never ridden mine so I guess it could fall apart the moment I sit on it! And that one does look very nice. read:shiny.

I found out yesterday that the charge for taking it on the plane with me is $300AUD (+50 bucks to get it packed up by the local bike dude as I have no tools) I better bloody enjoy riding fixed!! :smiley:

P.S. Lovely weather here at the moment, dreading returning to a Melbourne winter.

Well, the price is ok relative to other stuff kicking around here for the same kind of money. Especially when you consider that this Monark frame (only) was on sale for over 400e a while back, i’m still stunned that someone actually paid that much.
I guess you got an absolute bargain with yours though, really can’t complain about that!