Sweeeet little Gios in Pakko

its too tiny and too far for me to be bothered, but lovely frame going begging here.

Gios style Road Bike frame | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Cardinia Area - Pakenham | 1053904161

these are great frames (I’ve had a couple). It’ll have a fair bit of wheel overlap (small frame) but they ride lively and are super fun. Like a track bike on the road. Even cooler that it’s not the ubiquitous Gios blue. Never seen a yellow (have seen white, red, black etc).

for that price it’s worth grabbing to hang on a wall.

Hmm, brother lives in Narre, he could pick this up for me to grab at Christmas time…

I want this but have no need for it, or for the hassle that would be involved in me getting it.

That said, if someone wanted to pick it up, pack and send it, then invoice me for total cost, that’d be great.

And now sold. Any foa-er get it???

Hit my bro up-he’s been searching for a small roadie for his partner…Think he got it, NOS too?

I must work with your bro - he sent me a pic. of the same bike this afternoon

G’day Nurbs, you must-he said there was a couple of fixie wankers there :wink: he did score it, anyone got a 9s or 10s silver group they wanna get rid of?