Sweet 1976 Kids Bicycle 'manual'

Anyone got a ~7 yr old?

Vintage Kids Bicycle ALL About Them Puffin Book 1976 | eBay

7 year old? I should probably have a read of that!

Yeah I dunno, I was just wildly guessing at an age bracket,

Dads? Mums?

I’ve got a 5 year old, a 3 year old, an 8 week old and a new book on the way

5 years old is getting a gt mini bmx for her birthday so this will go nicely

Cheers Mike

Sweet as.

It looked so good (and cheap) I was gonna buy it and hang onto it for friends kids B’days (but they are all 3 or younger), but I know I would loose it.

I had this as a kid, must ask mum if she still has it.

Such a great book. I wrote a little about it here.